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Current Exhibition

The Garden Haven
“Si Ji Shao” Hand-painted Porcelain Show

June 14th - August 20th, 2014

It is written in the《Kao Gong Ji》that “Creating good crafts depend on time, space, material and design”. The name, “Si Ji Shao”, originates from this idea, and it means to gather these four elements together.

All of Si Ji Shao’s works are made by hand, and the traces of the process also remain. The porcelain exude inner peace. Inspired by the four seasons, flowers and grass, Si Ji Shao simply brings out their pure images in his paintings. From a quiet state of mind, Si Ji Shao pursues simplicity, nature, and purity to another level.

twocities Gallery launches this show for Si Ji Shao’s porcelain works, and we hope to present the audience with the beauty of these daily porcelain ware.

Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao

Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao
Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao    Sijishao

Sijishao Sijishao Sijishao Sijishao

Sijishao Sijishao Sijishao Sijishao

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Red Walls & White Snow
on the lacquer painting of Bai Xiao Hua—The Forbidden City and Snow series

At the 10th National Juried Art Exhibition awards ceremony in October 2004, I saw a lacquer piece of the Forbidden City. The painting was a section of the Wu Men gate tower. The depth of the building was flattened and the two-dimensional, geometric divisions of horizontal and vertical lines, emphasized. Even though the painting didn’t depict the grandeur of the palace, the solemnity of the Imperial Garden was nonetheless impressive. The red walls and white snow made everything look to be in perfect harmony, which greatly enhanced the beauty of the snow scene. That piece was the winner of the Silver Prize and was painted by a young lacquer artist named Bai Xiao Hua. It was called, “Wu Men Snow”.
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About twocities

Within every city, two cities simultaneously emerge. The first represents all that is good and right and desirable; the second city everything that we long to see changed.

The twocities art gallery seeks to help build the first city, through art and events that champion beauty, commitment, thoughtfulness and community. As one of the few galleries in China specializing in contemporary handcrafted art, twocities represents Chinese artists pioneering in modern glass, ceramics, jewelry and lacquer. We are dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary craft artists to engage in international dialogue.

Other events include lectures, film showings and concerts showcasing musicians from a variety of musical genres. In keeping with twocities gallery’s desire to build “the good city ” we work to promote events which highlight beauty, thoughtfulness and innovation in artistic expression and in the city we inhabit.
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