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Ceramic Artists

Ye Wenyi

Artist Statement
Like my life, ceramics teaches me an important lesson: one must endure and persevere, there is no shortcut. Ceramics promises you nothing, and the relationship is one of love-hate. It can teach you to have peace of mind, it can also reward you. You can never cheat ceramics, and it won’t lie to you. Ceramics teaches you life is fair.

I am looking for a balance between the mental and physical life, looking for a serenity which will not fail. In both time and space, I am seeking for a sense of determination and will. I long for wisdom in culture and life that enables me to face both difficulties and pleasure. I know I can gain these things in art. No doubt, I also need to pay my price. However, I’m so lucky in that what I have gained far outweighs what I have paid.

2004 Master’s degree in Ceramic design, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
2001 Bachelor’s degree in Chinese painting, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Born in 1978, Taiwan

2008 1st Guangdong Province Ceramic Exhibition, Blue-and-White Clothes won Award in Excellence
2008 1st Guangdong Province Sculpture Exhibition, Courage won Award in Excellence
2007 Guangdong New Youth Exhibition
2006 8th National Ceramic Design Competition, Colorful Flying Fish won Silver Award
2005 The Fine Art Exhibition–the 50th Anniversary of Guangdong Art Association

YE Wenyi
YE Wenyi
YE Wenyi

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