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Glass Artists

Yang Meihua

Artist Statement
In my life, I experience the trials that all face at some point; some of these are unavoidable, others we bring onto ourselves. But it is all experience, a source of growth and learning for me. I have learned to endure the gloom and bear hardships, and these trials have taught me how to survive adversity and understand the importance of peace.

From the things I have learned in my own life, I strive to be a good teacher, hoping to help my students find their way to the path of success.

In this material world, we cannot pursue a spiritual life and ignore the physical, and vise versa. The spirit of artist will shape and determine the quality of art. I want to create while strengthening my artist spirit, maintaining humility in the midst of praise and confidence when criticized.

Although I am still considered young, I am to live peacefully, undeterred by the rise and fall of events and people around me. To live with contentment, unaffected by external factors–that is enough.

2003–2006 Shanghai University, Master’s degree, Glass art
1994–1998 Jiangxi Jinggangshan University, Bachelor’s degree, Arts education

Recent Achievements & Exhibits
November 2009 ‘Young Glass: Contemporary Chinese Glass Art’ at twocities gallery
January 2009 The Fourth Modern Handcraft Art Exhibition
January 2008 ‘Modern Artiquity’ Exhibition at twocities gallery
December 2007 The Third Annual Modern Handcrafted Art Exhibition
September 2007 Established glass workshop team at Nanjing Art Institute
August 2007 Set up glass studio at Nanjing Art Institute

YANG Meihua
YANG Meihua
YANG Meihua
YANG Meihua
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